Drummer of Death

No One Here Is Getting Out Alive...

Your Most Delicious Death
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Well well well...how the tables have turned. The most delicious death you will ever have!! And you know it's true. You just don't know it yet! Your mom thinks of me when she's naked! I really wish I had pants that fit. I swear I would wear them. I promise! Cyanide rocks your socks off!!! www.freewebs.com/cyanideforever! sign the guestbook! I love you! And your pants! LaCrosse! Woo! That's kind of kinky. hehehe. It's a good hurt! A GOOD HURT! DO IT AGAIN! whoa...that was....ooh! look at the monkey! not just any monkey...Nombril the super monkey! woohoo! Nombril is purple! and he loves to eat crepes! I love french. So crazy. Remember to sit IN the corner, not ON the corner! That's all I have to say for now! love you!!!